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Mariam Koroma

2024 Cohort

Fellowship Type:

Host Led (Voice of Women Africa)


Kenema, Sierra Leone

Fellowship Location:

Freetown, Sierra Leone

What inspired you to join Mountaintop?

"I am inspired by personal experiences and challenges as a professional woman living and working in a patriarchal society and my desire to break societal stereotypes. I am excited to be apart of and learn from a community that values diverse perspectives and supports individuals striving for growth beyond traditional expectations."

Mariam Koroma is Junior Partner of Marrah & Associates Law Firm in Freetown, as well as Director of Programs of Freedom Hub, which promotes human rights and good governance in Sierra Leone.

Inspired by her personal experiences to fight for a more just, equitable Sierra Leone, Mariam has dedicated her career to support human rights and women’s empowerment in her home country. Mariam previously served as a Legal Intern with the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva, and as a researcher on women, business, and the law in Sierra Leone for the World Bank. Mariam also founded the Feminist Cohort, a nonprofit pushing the boundaries of women’s rights and equality in Sierra Leone through research and advocacy. Within Marrah & Associates Law Firm, Mariam helped launch an internship program for young law graduates — particularly young women — which has already graduated 11 law students.

Mariam holds a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Sierra Leone and an Utter Barrister from Sierra Leone Law School, as well as an LLM in International Human Rights from the University of Notre Dame Law School in the United States.

In her fellowship, Mariam will serve with Voice of Women Africa, a nonprofit which advocates for women’s participation and political power to improve governance, strengthen national cohesion, and support the civil rights of women and girls in Sierra Leone. In her role, Mariam will lead the “Women Building Peace” project, which uses mentorship, skills development, and storytelling to cultivate national cohesion and challenge the culture of ethnic divide. Long term, Mariam hopes to become a transformational leader for Sierra Leone through her legal career and through her work with Feminist Cohort.

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